2020 goal setting – and how to stick to them!

As we turn to the end of the year and the beginning of the next one inevitably we start to think about goals and resolutions for the year ahead.  So I just wanted to share some tips with you for 2020!

1. Spend time really thinking about your goals.

One good way to do this is an “audit” of the previous year. What were the things in your calendar that felt really worthwhile? What were wastes of your time or energy – things that you don’t want to do in 2020? And finally what were the things that made you happy? This may help you to hone in on what you want for yourself in 2020. 

2. Narrow your focus.

A lot of the time when we fail to achieve our goals it’s because it’s too vague, too ambitious or we don’t actually care enough about it. A great example is the goal “lose weight”. This isn’t a bad ambition, but it needs more focus. Ask yourself why you want to lose weight – is it about being more healthy, or looking great at a wedding where you’ll see your ex-girlfriend? What are some reasons to really care about the goal? How will you define and measure success (how much weight? How many tears the ex sheds?) – once you understand this you have a much stronger goal. 

3. Focus on the small actions you can take.

What little habits can you add (walking from one train stop further away will help you burn more calories and be healthier) or take away (I will have salad on the side, not chips) that will get you closer to your goal? Incremental changes over time make a big difference and they are much easier to stick to than trying to only eat celery for three weeks. 

4. Add a reward.

Our brains are like toddlers or puppies – we prefer to do hard things if we get a benefit afterwards. Create a positive association with your new habits – buy yourself a coffee on the longer walk from the tube, for example and before long you’ll have tricked your brain into enjoying the habit more. 

5. Re-evaluate and reflect.

Take time to regularly review your goals and your progress. Sometimes you will evolve or change your goals – you might have started with revenge on your ex in mind, but discover a lasting passion for yoga that makes you want to focus more on improving your flexibility. Decide how often you want to review and re-evaluate (Sunday nights work really well for me) and schedule time in to reset and re-focus. 

Hope you find the tips helpful and that they help you to have a fantastic 2020!


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