Great new year’s resolutions: I start by reviewing the past in my BuJo

Using my bullet journal to do a “reflect and review” practice to help me think through what to focus on next year

I thought it might be helpful to share this honest reflection and assessment of my 2020. This has been a really helpful addition to my goal setting and planning routine – just pausing to think about what has gone before to help me understand where I could be improving.

The headings I’ve used are:

Successes: what has gone well this year? I struggle to self-praise but I came up with a pretty good list I think! And yes that does say “didn’t totally lose marbles” which I think is worth celebrating in a year like 2020!

Challenges: what was hard or didn’t go well?

For next year: from these lists, what do I want to add in, keep or take away in 2021?

I learned: my biggest lessons from the year that’s been

I loved: best memories, new habits, relationships – they’re all here.

It’s a super easy format – I’d love to hear if you use something similar or if you try this one – drop me a line in the comments!

Thank you for reading and happy new year,

PP xx

It took a little longer than this 😂

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