Bullet Journal Weekly Spreads: How to Set Up Your Weekly Plan

Ryder Carroll doesn’t really work with the weekly spread in the formal Bullet Journal method, but personally it’s probably the most key part of my goal setting and planning routine. Partly this is because I am a total perfectionist and have a real tendency faced with the first few ‘imperfect’ days of a month’s achievements to lose focus – basically, I love a fresh start and the more frequent reflection and tracking of a weekly routine works really well for me. Also, I generally have time for bujo and reflection on Sundays, so it works really well.

I still set monthly goals and I use a bigger monthly habit tracker, as I showed you in my Monthly spreads and how I use themĀ post, but for me the weekly spread is the really crucial bit. I used to just do weekly pages for appointments and tasks, but over time I’ve evolved a format that works for me. I make sections for work, fitness and balance and set a couple of key objectives for each.

I use the balance section for anything that helps me with my annual goal to get a better work life balance: mindfulness, travel for fun, hiking plans, and even key life admin stuff – I also set goals for my content here and on Instagram in this section.

In the Events section, I then list events by day – I travel a lot for work so this helps me see at a glance how and where I achieve my goals. Routine meetings don’t make it into my weekly events section – just those meetings that either take a big chunk of time or for whatever reason need extra preparation or focus. I use a timeline in my daily pages to keep track of more routine meetings and appointments – I’ll do a separate post on dailies and the running to do list!

I also have a specific section for relationships I want to work on that week – this is a huge help in making sure I give focus not just to goals and actions but also making time for friends, family and colleagues. Finally, I use a smaller weekly habit tracker to track daily progress on the little things I want to emphasise – sleep, steps, eating enough vegetables, ending my day feeling like I’ve helped people around me, and workouts are all examples of habits I’ve tracked weekly recently.

Lastly, it wouldn’t feel like a spread without some colourful illustrations and a motivational quote or two – I always love checking into a colourful spread on a Monday and starting to fill in those habit boxes!

I’d love to hear more about weekly spreads that work for you – let me know how you set up your week in the comments!

PP x


2 thoughts on “Bullet Journal Weekly Spreads: How to Set Up Your Weekly Plan

  1. hi, love your journal updates and photos. your insta is like goals. do u also take take orders for these journals or do u just do them as a hobby/daily thing for yourself?


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