Five ways to crush your fitness goals with the bullet journal

This is one of the questions I get asked most on Instagram – how do you use the bullet journal to improve your fitness?

1. Set big goals

I believe that the right goals are progressive and build on things you have already done. My first true training plan fell into place because I wanted to climb nearly 6000 metres to Everest base camp, and while I wasn’t using my bullet journal to track it, I did learn how powerful the motivation of a faraway and slightly scary goal you’re determined to achieve can be.

These days, I set my goals for the year – and one of mine was to build on the trek experience by completing a 100k hike.

2. Break them down

In order to get where I want to be, I have a few key focuses. One is a regular set of weekly workouts designed to improve my base fitness level. I tend to change it up between pilates, strength training, circuits and my absolute favourite, spinning. I set a number of monthly workouts (20, or around 5 a week) and I also lay out my workout plan for the week in my weekly spread.

3. Keep tracking

I log my daily step count and set an overall monthly goal I want to beat. keeping a running total means that even if I miss the 10k daily target on a busy day, I can catch it up by doing an extra 2.5k over the next four days. Don’t let a bad day derail you!

4. Review regularly

Making the time to review and reflect makes a huge difference to my fitness practice. Did I miss a workout last week? Why? How can I plan better this week – or if it’s missing mojo, who can I train with to help me stay accountable? This critical practice can be tough to do but is really worth it.

5. Change it up

I regularly use different tracker formats and microgoals to prevent my fitness planning from getting too routine. Just like the workouts themselves, progression is important and I love incorporating new ideas and inspiration from other members of the BuJo community.

Other ideas? Please let me know how you track your fitness goals in the comments!


One thought on “Five ways to crush your fitness goals with the bullet journal

  1. This advices are really useful. I’m trying to use my bullet journal for the fitness too and definitely I’m going to use this! Thanks for sharing!


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