How your bullet journal can improve your relationships

One of my favourite things about using my BuJo is how it helps me track and plan not just my tasks but also my working relationships and friendships.

There are a few key spreads and trackers I use for this:

1. Include check-ins and 121 time with colleagues in weekly and monthly plans

The idea of the running to do list is that everything goes on it. Including a couple of key relationship building activities has been gamechanging for me.

2. That also works for friendships and family checkins!

Don’t be the friend that doesn’t call or forget to make time or family – schedule and plan time in (and use being organised as a way to fit plans in!)

3. Birthday trackers

I’m not on Facebook, so I use a birthday tracker to remember birthdays and events: a great way to show you care. For extra credit, keep a list of gift ideas through the year to make your Christmas shopping easier too.

For me, keeping trackers and spreads really helps, but the other added benefit that planning in my journal gives me is to see and be mindful about what I’m spending my time on. Not losing night after night to Netflix binges but being more intentional can be the nudge you need to call your auntie or catch up with an old friend you’d hate to lose touch with.

I’d love to hear the impact planning has on your relationships, please share any tips in the comments!

Thanks for reading –

PlannerPeach x


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