The productivity tomato… how Pomodoro technique helps me stay focused

When I have a heavy workload I sometimes struggle to stay focused. Basically the monkey part of my brain takes over, and I alternate between being stressed about how much there is to do, and getting distracted – neither of which actually helps me to achieve anything!

I came across the Pomodoro technique when I was googling “how not to procrastinate” a few years back (yes, really…) and I wanted to share it with you guys because it really works for me as a focus and productivity hack.
The basic concept is based on a tomato shaped oven timer – you do a burst of 25 minutes of focus, then take a five minute break per pomodoro session. After the fourth pomodoro of 25 minutes, you take a fifteen minute break.
There are a few good free pomodoro apps out there – I use Focus Keeper which also tells you off if you try to check Instagram. Or you can go analogue and use an actual oven timer just like the technique’s Italian inventor Francesco Cirillo – it was a tomato shaped one, hence the name Pomodoro.
It’s really worked for me especially because my brain knows it only has to concentrate for 25 minutes before it gets to monkey around again.
I’ve also heard from lots of people that they love the technique for studying as well. Do you use a method to stay focused? If so I’d love to hear about it in the comments!

One thought on “The productivity tomato… how Pomodoro technique helps me stay focused

  1. Me too!! Love this method really helps when I’m struggling to stay focused with so many different to-dos thanks for sharing 🙂


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