How to make your pages and letters look great – retouching images for bujo and lettering art

One of my favourite things about the bullet journal and lettering community is the sharing of techniques and tips. I frequently get contacted by new and smaller accounts on Instagram asking me how they can grow their followers. 

For me, this is really simple. What’s most important?  Give as much (or more) love as you want to receive – really engage with people who make fantastic content that you love, be genuine, don’t beg for followers or auto comment endless emojis without following back. Be an actual friend and fan and give people a reason to follow you back. Don’t be that account with tons of followers not following anyone back – yes, the algorithm likes it, but the actual people who view and engage with your account don’t see someone open to a mutually supportive connection! Also, don’t be that guy that follows and unfollows. That guy sucks.

The second part is: have great content! I see so many beautiful pages and posts that don’t get the attention they deserve because the photographs themselves are not great. Number one culprit? Poor lighting leading to beige pages where nothing within the images pops. For me, retouching my images is a huge part of what I do before I post – after all if I’ve spent hours on a spread I want it to look great. 

I shoot pretty much exclusively on my iPhone XS – the camera is pretty good and it’s way easier for me to keep track of images and post than my DSLR. In terms of process, I use:

1. Editing within the photos app itself. I’ll do an adjustment to light levels, especially exposure, brightness and highlights as a first edit. I also like to crop and resize from here.


Before any editing:

Adjusted within photos app:


2. I use the Darkroom app for more detailed retouching and to add a standard border to my images. You can choose from a great range of presets and I also manage temperature and saturation as well as finer tweaks to brightness contrast and exposure from here. My goal is just to make it look as natural as possible.

After Darkroom:

3. I sometimes will use a preset Instagram filter in addition just before posting.  For bright paper whites, I like Clarendon or Juno. This is handy to make sure you have a similar colour balance across your feed.

Hopefully this helps you understand how you can simply enhance your journal and lettering shots!

Enjoy –

Plannerpeach xx

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